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At James Shouler Shooting we strive to bring clay pigeon shooting to schools at your convenience. We understand that fitting another activity into an already hectic school day can be a challenge, but we feel we have a tried and tested formula that works. We can come to you, removing any need to travel, maximises the time for the activity and also the amount of pupils able to be involved.

What we offer is more than just an activity, we offer tuition to novice and experienced students with a purpose in mind. We aim to get each pupil gun safe to a level where they could competently shoot without an instructor and have a respect for firearms.

We understand that many pupils will advance to shooting game; our tuition is offered with that in mind so gun safety is paramount.

Potential competitions offer an opportunity for pupils to represent the school in a team, who may not get the opportunity otherwise, as part of a team or as an individual.

‘Shooting gives the school a chance to compete in another team sport.’

‘JSS’s teaching style is to start as you mean to go on. Good habits are as easily absorbed as bad ones, so getting it right from the beginning is vital’.