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James Shouler Shooting can provide Game Tuition for everyone; from a novice first time game shooter through to the most experienced game shot.

Your first game day can be a daunting and unnerving experience. No matter how much clay shooting you have done, a game day throws up lots of new challenges.

James Shouler Shooting covers all elements of game shooting, from gun safety, the logistics of how a game day runs, taking that important first shot and understanding the etiquette. Having an experienced tutor with you on the day, not only removes the panic or feeling of being out of your depth, it provides you with the reassurance and confidence to enjoy your day.

For the more experienced Game Shot, having a tutor with you may seem unnecessary. But there are many things their experience can bring to your day, improving your shot to kill ratio and understanding those problem birds.

One of the key things an instructor can bring to your game day, is a sense of calm and reinforcing your confidence in your own ability.

Having an infield instructor with you on a game shoot can make the difference between a bad drive and a bad day.

‘The reassurance and the peace of mind of having a skilled instructor with you makes the whole day more enjoyable’.

‘Having someone with vast game shooting experience stood with you on your first game day, to advise on ‘what’s safe to shoot’ and ‘which birds are yours’ isn’t a good idea: it’s a must’.